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An awesome continuation

Alriiight dude! This is sweet man. It's a great follow up to the first one, and I can see this thing really starting to get a flow. You have excellent comedic timing. The SFX and spriting is very well done. I enjoy ur work NanoSoft.

NanoSoft responds:

Thanks a bunch!

That's it! =]

EVERY episode of Dragon Ball Z!! lol

Robo Bacon-Neck Warfalcon FTW!!

This was amazing!!! Please make this a series. What a great job! Animation, Voice acting, action, SFX & humor are all superb. Plus that ending theme is killer, haha!

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This game was amazingly done! The concept is fantastic and very original, yet also simple and addicting. P.S. I love that there are two endings and yet the outcome is still the same either way, driving the theme home that life is pointless. The little sub-texts are awesome little blurbs too. This was a great game to play. And I really enjoy the fact there there's more to explore from people that contribute extra levels in the level design feature/ enter the unknown feature. You guys're geniuses.

Wow 400 on the first time.

This game is addicting and fun as hell! Great job.

Instant Classic.

Wow. This game is fantastic! Love the whole idea and everything. The harpooners, bombs and everything else make it very difficult. Love that sick, woozy music at the end too when you are almost completely contaminated in oil.

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Cool stuff.

I like this dark techno mix. Cool piano sound and synth sounds. What program do you use?? I wrote a song called Aqualung too. I like your interpretation.

DEaDPixEL09 responds:

fl studio


It sounds like VG music man. I wanna play Megaman to this, lol. Great structure. Fun listen.

Bracksta responds:

that is an awesome comment because i played megaman last week and commpletely agree :)!

Such a great cover.

The guy below me obviously didn't realize that this was a Deftones cover.
I think that you did an amazing job on this. Props for the high register harmony during the Chorus. This used to be like my little emo anthem as a poor 16 year old bastard... Awesome awesome job man.

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