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What's up folks. I'm the "Hidden Gem" on Newgrounds, The Metallikid. I love all things musical including writing, producing & distributing my own stuff right here on NG. Comment & Vote for me. Don't be shy.

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Posted by metallikid6 - October 27th, 2011


Living Nightmare

Barren Ground
The Inner Voice
Space & Time

Nebulous Subsistence

Nebulous Subsistence pt. II: [Don't Care]
Letting Go

Posted by metallikid6 - January 10th, 2010

What's up everybody. Just wanted to let everyone know that I've been really busy between Grad School and Teaching for a while. I have managed to find some downtime on weekends to write new stuff however. Slowly but surely and bit by bit you're gonna see my new gems sprouting up on NG. If you've liked my stuff in the past, keep a tuned eye in on me, because you are not gonna want to miss what's to come.

Edit - 7/10/10: Sadly, I'm not teaching anymore as of my birthday, April 7th. How dick is that? They fired me on my birthday yo. I'm over it now, hence why I'm posting it freely here. The only good thing about this is that I have time to do what I love the most; express myself musically and post my stuff here for my fans. So get ready for even more gems, pieces and soundscapes, because this Metallikid is only getting started.


Posted by metallikid6 - March 4th, 2009

Over the summer I've been working on a new album from a new program. I've been learning how to use Garage Band here and there. Since it's so vastly different from the old PS2 Music Maker that I've been using, I've been working on some personal covers or reissues through Garage Band.

Life got in the way and I still haven't finished my album yet, but I do have enough songs that make for a pretty solid demo. Since I couldn't wait anymore, I decided to post the ones that are done here.
"New Introductions" and "Crushing the Past"

Be on the lookout for more new stuff and be sure to check out the old stuff. Peace everybody!!

- Metallikid

*EDIT* (3/6/09): The full 4-song demo is now up on New Grounds. The exact order is
New Introductions
Crushing The Past
Biosaurus Mex
In Different Times

I hope you all enjoy it. Please keep in mind that this is a demo version and it is not exactly complete yet. Feel free to leave comments, remarks or suggestions. I do make sure I reply to all comments. Later.

The time that Time couldn't wait for.

Posted by metallikid6 - October 23rd, 2008

Hey folks. Metallikid here. Just wanted to let anyone interested know that my latest and greatest Audio Submissions are coming right here first on New Grounds. They are songs taken from my 3rd Album P.A.S.T. and are actually meant to be listened in order, but could be listened separately.

Post Apocalyptic Systematic Termination is a Metal-Tech album I created centered around futuristic war between humans and machines. The suggested listening order of my new material is:
The Last Hope, Mission: Shutdown, -Encounter-, & -Survivor-.

If these do well, I may put up the rest of the album, but for now I want to see how much you guys like these 4 songs. Please leave all feedback here and vote. I'd love to get an honest opinion from unbiased listeners. Catch you guys later.

[edit]: Added two new ones (10/30/08). -Recovery- & Insult To Injury. (They can be listened in either order, since in the story, they somewhat happen at the same time). So now everyone has 6 songs of new material to listen to, in which the suggested order is:
The Last Hope, Mission:Shutdown, -Encounter-, -Survivor-, -Recovery-, & Insult to Injury

Posted by metallikid6 - August 26th, 2008

Just added a URL so anyone interested can see where I'm coming from and hear more songs. Please don't hesitate to drop by. The new page could use some love, or HATE... I'll just be happy to get some honest feedback. Later my fellow Newgrounders.