Favorite Audio

The Dancing Dead (Ika I Rutan) Heavy Metal Song
Last Breath Kaos Techno Song
Flames of the Sky Techno Song
Heavy [deathkllr84] Heavy Metal Song
Now you're a hero Video Game Song
Voyage of Deception Heavy Metal Song
Red Lights Heavy Metal Song
My Retribution Hip Hop - Modern Song
>Red Brinstar [Super Metroid]< Video Game Song
Euphorium Dance Song
Piano and Drums Miscellaneous Song
Kindred (Super Metroid) Video Game Song
Castlevania Lvl 1 RMX Video Game Song
.:Bloody_Tears_(DnB):. Drum N Bass Song
CV4 - Clocktower Pt.2 [Remake] Video Game Song
Castlevania III - Beginning Video Game Song
Castle of Tears Video Game Song
The Belmont Legend Video Game Song
Legend Of Zelda: Mtl Absolut!@ Video Game Song
Legend of Zelda GO REMIX Video Game Song
Midna's Desperation Video Game Song
The Labyrinths of Hyrule Video Game Loop
TLoZ - Dark Hyrule Castle Video Game Song
Zelda - Title Theme [Remake] Video Game Song
Zelda : Midna's Lament Remix Video Game Song
Zelda:ALttP - Dark World Video Game Song
Thank You - BK Miscellaneous Song
Cast From the Stars (Chill MX) Techno Song
Destiny's Betrayal Trance Song
Cast From the Stars Trance Song
Fatal Fight (BK Remix) Trance Song
Blue Haven - BK Trance Song
Hungarian Midnight - BK Trance Song
Encounter (Recovery Mix) - BK Techno Song
Lonely Hero 2009 - BK Trance Song
Psybot - Emergency Shutdown Techno Song
Apraxia Miscellaneous Song
XP Startup - experimental. Miscellaneous Song
XP Shutdown - experimental. Miscellaneous Song
Brakcsta - Brothers Above Hip Hop - Modern Song
DJ Comet-Down Below Drum N Bass Song
-DxR- Keys of Zephyr Ambient Song
** V ** Ambient Song
Ghosts of the past Ambient Song
_-={Terran's Legacy}=-_ Classical Song
MH16: Hopes And Dreams Miscellaneous Song
Toki O Koeru Omoi [FINAL] Miscellaneous Song
Awaken (intro) Ambient Song
Desperation ~No Survivor~ Trance Song
Mega Man X2 - Charge Shot Heavy Metal Song
Mega Man X4 | Double Heavy Metal Song
MM2 Wily Symphony Video Game Song
=Storm Eagle MMX= Video Game Song
MegaMan 3 title RMX Dance Song
Enter The Red Bomber||(FIXED!) Video Game Song
Course of Evil || Megaman 2 Video Game Song
Megaman 7 Intro Stage {RMX} Video Game Loop
Commander Yammark Video Game Song
-586rick- Wily Batle MM4 Video Game Song
Raving Warriors-MM9 Boss Theme Video Game Song
-=[ Reborn ]=- Techno Song
-=[ Discovery ]=- Miscellaneous Song
** \ The Sleep Pt I / ** Heavy Metal Song
Take Me Away (demo) - BK Trance Loop
Bracksta - Falling Off Dance Song
=Judgement Day= Video Game Song
=Trampling Onwards= Heavy Metal Song
Universe - BK Trance Song
Castlevania 2 Ultimate Montage Heavy Metal Song
Life's Broken Dreams Ambient Song